Tap, snap and deposit!

We often live life on the go. With jam-packed schedules of activities and responsibilities, finding time to make it to the bank can be difficult — and inconvenient. That’s where ADK on the Go Mobile Deposit comes in handy.

Instead of rushing to reach the bank before closing or going on your lunch, you can simply snap a picture of the front and back of the check on your smartphone and deposit it by using the ADK On the Go Mobile App. Anytime, anywhere.

A few things to be aware of:

  1. Your bank can cap how much you can deposit
    Adirondack Banks places a limit on the dollar amount of your mobile deposits. The cap, or maximum amount, that you’re allowed to deposit for a given day is $2,000.

  2. Adirondack Bank can return a deposit even after you receive a confirmation.
    Just because you deposit a check via your smartphone, doesn’t mean the check won’t bounce.

  3. Adirondack Bank can place a hold on mobile-deposited funds.
    Just like a regular check, the bank can place a hold on the funds that you deposit via your smartphone. A common reason for a so-called “delayed availability of funds” is simply depositing your check too late in the day. If you miss the cutoff time for check deposits, then you might have to wait an extra business day for the check to clear and have access to your funds. 

  4. The check images are not stored on your phone
    When you’re ready to deposit a check on your phone, it can feel odd. After all, you might wonder who is going to have access to this sensitive information? Importantly, check images are not stored on your phone. Instead, bank apps store the deposit data, including images, on a secured web-based server, thereby protecting the customer and the integrity of their financial information.

  5. Your phone helps to snap the right picture
    It can be tricky to get the hang of snapping the right picture for a mobile deposit. Luckily, the ADK Bank App is there to help you. The app will take the picture once you position the check correctly. To improve the quality of the photo, it’s best to have a darker background behind your check. Once you line up the check with your camera, it should be quick to snap a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check. Watch the video for full directions.

  6. You still must endorse the check
    Before you start snapping pictures, make sure to endorse the check. That means that you’ll need to sign the back of the check. With mobile deposits, you should also check the “mobile deposit” box. Or simply write  “for mobile deposit only” below your signature. This will help your deposit process flow more smoothly and make sure the deposit is properly credited to your account.

  7. You should hold on to the paper check
    Although the quick snap of the check shouldn’t take more than a minute, you should probably hold on to the physical check for a few days to make sure the funds are properly deposited into your account.