debit card rewards middle

Explore the fantastic rewards items available in the ADK Bank Rewards program.

Earn Points for Everyday Purchases

Each purchase you make with your My Rewards™ Debit Card will earn you even more points than you are used to earning. Base Amount Only.

Cash Back when Shopping Online

Shop online through the rewards website and earn cash back for your purchases. More than 100 popular online retailers participate! Average of 2.5% Cash Back.

Bonus Points for Online Purchases

Earn even more points that can be redeemed for exciting items, just for shopping online through the rewards website! Average of 25 points per $100.


 1. Base amount of points earned for purchases using the basic Adirondack Bank Debit Card is 1 point per S100 for signature or PIN based card transactions. 2. Cash Back and Bonus Point amounts and Program discounts and Coupon Values vary in the sole discretion of the applicable participating retailer or service provider.