Internet Scams

Internet Scams have been occurring in massive numbers in the United States and certainly could involve customers of our bank.

We caution you from taking third party checks from strangers or taking any large checks from people you don’t know. Even Cashier’s Checks are being fictitiously created, altered or unauthorized.


Don’t assume that when the bank makes the funds available, it means the check is collected.  Checks can take two weeks or more before payment is final.  You are still liable on a check for three years (or up to 10 years, depending on the state in which the check is drawn) if the check has a forged payee’s endorsement or has been altered in amount or the name of the payee.  If any stranger asks you to cash a check and send them the money (or part of the money), as part of a sale of goods or otherwise, you are probably being scammed.  The time it takes for funds to be made available in your account is not the same as the time it takes for a check to clear. Do NOT assume that a check will not be returned because of insufficient funds or forgery or any other reason just because we make the funds available in your account. Our bank cannot guarantee when a check has been finally paid. You are ultimately responsible for any check you cash or deposit. Even after final payment, a check can be returned for alterations or forged endorsements for up to three years (or longer).


You need to examine your bank statements promptly and notify us of any forged or altered checks or any other unauthorized charges to your account. Failure to do so can result in losses to you. If you have a bookkeeper or other representative examine your statement, you should  take the time to examine it as well. Failure to notify the bank of any unauthorized charges can result in losses to you.


Use extreme caution when dealing with anyone in any foreign country. Recent scams have cost Americans millions of dollars. If you have any questions about strange transactions, you should contact the local law enforcement.

How do you avoid being victimized?

Be alert to transactions or offers that seem too good to be true. Check return e-mail addresses to see if they match the story you’re being given. If you’re being pressured to buy or sell something quickly, chances are it’s a fraudulent transaction.

When you follow these simple security measures, your interaction with the online banking system will be completely confidential. We look forward to serving your online banking needs both today and into the future - securely!

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