It’s a new year, and you’re looking to become happier and healthier. If you’re thinking about joining a gym, ask yourself one thing: Is it worth the money?

Gym memberships may be a great option if you’re planning on using it. If you don’t, the costs can be a drag on your wallet. Before you consider a membership, consider these points.

  • Is the gym within your budget? Look at your budget and see how much you can afford. Do you have enough income to cover the costs? You should consider how often you will go and break down how much each visit will cost. If the gym visits are too much, consider investing in one-off classes or other ways to stay fit.
  • Are you committed to a fitness lifestyle? If you’re not committed to working out, a gym membership may not be the right solution. Make sure you can earn the rewards of your fitness investment. If you’re always on the go with work and travel, a membership might be a waste.
  • Do you have time and energy to use the gym regularly? Going to the gym normally takes time and energy. Before investing in a gym membership, make sure you have time in your schedule. Experts say you should visit the gym at least three days a week. If you go less, it’s not worth the money.
  • Does the gym offer useful or motivating amenities? Research gyms in your area to see what types of services and amenities they offer such as yoga classes or massages.
  • Does the gym require a lengthy contract? Remember to read the fine print on a gym membership contract. Many gyms require you to sign a contract, sometimes up to a year, before working out. Avoid any contracts that ask you to commit to a term you don’t like. Make sure to also investigate the cancelation disclosures. Some gyms may require you to buy out the remainder of your contract to leave the gym.
  • Can you get the workout you need elsewhere? If you think a gym membership isn’t worth the money, research no- or low-cost DIY workouts. There are apps and YouTube videos that offer workout options.

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