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Are you planning a trip to travel abroad? If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll need to exchange your money into foreign currency. Make sure you know the best ways to exchange your money, and how much you should bring.

  • Don’t exchange your money at the airport. You may be tempted to use an airport kiosk or booth to exchange currency. But airport currency exchanges may come with extra fees and steep exchange rates. They know you may not have other options, so they take advantage of you. This means you may not get a fair exchange for your money.
  • Use a bank to convert your money. Banks usually have more reasonable fees and exchange rates than companies dedicated to foreign currency exchange. According to AAA®, if you’re a AAA® member, you may exchange your currency for no added fee at your local branch location. Visit your local location for more details.
  • Don’t rely on just your credit card. You shouldn’t use your credit card for everything. Some credit cards may have foreign transaction fees applied to purchases outside of the country.
  • Always keep cash on you. While you’re traveling abroad, credit and debit cards may not be accepted everywhere. Mom-and-pop shops, small cafes, or local shops may only be cash-only so you should always carry a small amount of local currency.
  • Spend your foreign currency before returning home. Before your trip ends, figure out how much currency you have left. Try to spend it while you’re in the country by getting some souvenirs or paying for your restaurant or hotel bills.
  • Familiarize yourself with the local currency. Before your trip, get familiar with the local currency and the exchange rate. If you’re unfamiliar with the currency, you may find yourself overpaying for things and wasting your money.
  • Use the ATMs while traveling abroad. If your financial institution has ATMs internationally, use them if applicable. You may be able to withdraw cash with competitive exchange rates and low fees.
  • See about buying back the currency. See if your financial institution or travel agencies such as AAA® may buy back your foreign currency when you return to the states, but it may not be for the best rate.

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