Congratulations on your wedding day! You’ve been planning this day for several months, and now the day is here! What’s more than getting married and partying at your reception … how about that romantic getaway with your new spouse? If you’re planning your wedding and thinking about the honeymoon, here are some tips to help you save for your big trip.

  • Book early. Save money by locking in your plans early. Experts say you should book your trip at least six to nine months in advance. The closer to your honeymoon, the more expensive your travel expenses get. Make sure to research prices before buying. If you’re able to pay for a portion or all your honeymoon, you may not need to worry about the costs while wedding planning.
  • Pick your destination. Research where you and your significant other would like to go. This will give you an idea of how much to save.
  • Shop for deals. You’ll need to do comparison shopping. Look for package deals that include both your hotel and flight. Another way is to look for all-inclusive resorts and cruises but be careful – alcohol and excursions may not be included. This could add to the cost. You could also travel during shoulder season – the period between a destination’s peak and off-peak seasons. It could mean lower prices, fewer crowds, and shorter lines. Do your research since shoulder season varies by destination.
  • Be realistic. Determine what you can afford. Review your finances to figure out how much you can spend on your honeymoon without it affecting your bills or incurring new debt.
  • Put wedding gifts to work. Put some of the cash you receive as wedding gifts toward your honeymoon. By putting that money in its own savings account, it could not only help fund the trip but also help you avoid impulse buying.
  • Use rewards. A good rewards credit card can save you money with cash back or points for travel. Some wedding vendors may accept credit card payments. If you can pay off the balance quickly, you could rack up the points or airline miles. Checking accounts may also offer rewards to use toward travel, hotel, and airfare.
  • Consider waiting. There’s no rule that says you must take your honeymoon right after the wedding. If you have a tight budget, consider a “mini-moon” or a long weekend getaway until you can save for a bigger trip later. Saving will give you something to look forward to.

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