You’re planning a trip with your family to your favorite amusement or theme park. Booking the hotel, buying the park tickets, and bringing enough funds for food and souvenirs can really add up. Just think … you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time. Here are some ways you can save.

  • Stay on the property. Though on-site hotels may be more expensive, they may provide amenities such as transportation and early entry hours. You can save money on parking expenses especially if you plan to visit on multiple days.
  • Consider smaller theme parks. Ticket prices may be cheaper than at larger parks. Do your research before choosing the best one.
  • Be flexible when you visit. Many parks offer flexible cost calendars, offering cheaper tickets during the off-season or less in-demand days. Make sure to check the park you’re visiting is open on weekdays. Some may close during the week due to low attendance.
  • Buy souvenirs ahead of time. Souvenirs bought at the park can add up quickly. Before planning, sign up for the park’s newsletter to receive possible coupons for online merchandise. You may buy your child souvenirs ahead of time and keep them as a surprise for when you go to the park. By buying the merchandise online, you may get a better discounted price than at the park. You may also consider downloading coupon apps to save more or get cash back.
  • Save on souvenirs. If you would like to save on souvenirs, you can find less expensive souvenirs at local retail locations outside the park or online. Instead of spending money on souvenir photos from the rides, capture the moment yourself by taking photos of your family and friends.
  • Give your kids their allowance upfront. Here’s your opportunity to teach your older kids money management skills. Before going to the park, give your child their allowance by either physically handing over the cash, or tell them the amount and have them write it down. Have them keep track of their spending on what they want from food to merchandise. Once the money is gone, that’s it.
  • Reserve a hotel with a kitchen. You could save cash by preparing one meal for your family every day while on vacation. When you arrive, go to the grocery store, or have the food delivered to your hotel room.
  • Pack theme park essentials. You could save a chunk of change by not buying the essential travel gear at the park. Some items to consider are battery-powered fans, phone battery backup, refillable water bottles, and sunscreen.
  • Bring your own food. Food at an amusement or theme park can be expensive. Before you pack any food and drink, check the park’s policy. If you’re allowed to bring food, pack portable lunches such as sandwiches, chips, trail mix, and cut vegetables. You could even keep a cooler in the car with food and drinks for parks that don’t allow outside food.
  • Bring your own stroller. Renting a stroller at the park may set you back financially. If you have the room, bring your own stroller.
  • Work with a travel advisor. You could work with a travel advisor to figure out the best time to purchase a ticket package and make hotel reservations. They may also know how to get add-ons such as free dining plans. Check with a travel advisor for details.

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