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It’s another Thankgiving season, and you’re wondering how you’re going to plan and pay for another dinner with your family. Making a Thanksgiving meal could get expensive, but you don’t have to make it that way. Here are some ways you can save some money for the holiday season.

  • Set a budget. After you plan your menu, set your budget, and stick to it. There are sure to be Thanksgiving sales and coupons. You should also consider keeping a shopping list to reduce impulse buys.
  • Choose frozen over fresh. Purchasing a frozen turkey instead of a fresh one gives you more wiggle room in your budget. Just remember to allow for thawing time before cooking.
  • Cook from scratch. Homemade side dishes and desserts are less expensive to make and are more delicious than any canned, boxed, or frozen versions.
  • Shop your pantry. Check your cupboards, pantry, fridge, and freezer for any hidden items you could use such as breadcrumbs for stuffing.
  • Buy in bulk. Look for non-perishable items in bulk you can use before and after Thanksgiving. You can stretch the expensive ingredients by using them in other side dishes, for instance.
  • Shop for in-season vegetables. Instead of going for the pricey, out-of-season vegetables such as green beans, go for the veggies that are on sale and in-season. This may include squash, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes.
  • Think of ways to use leftover turkey. Stock up on turkey when it’s on sale so you can think ahead of other meals after Thanksgiving such as turkey wraps or turkey soup.
  • Make it a potluck. Cut down the cost of Thanksgiving by hosting a potluck dinner. You could create the main dish and have your guest bring the side dishes and desserts. Depending on how formal you would like to make the dinner, you could consider using disposable dinnerware instead of your fancy China set.
  • Buy frozen or canned veggies. Frozen or canned vegetables are just as good and full of nutrients as fresh. It’s a great way to stay within your budget. Just look for low or no sodium versions for healthier options.
  • Skip the fancy pan. You don’t need an expensive, fancy turkey pan. Use an inexpensive, aluminum pan from the grocery store that can be thrown away at the end of the meal for easy clean up. If you don’t have a wire rack, try Butterball’s® foil method.
  • Buy generic. You can save some money by buying generic versus name-brand such as frozen vegetables and banking supplies. However, there are some things you shouldn’t buy generic because the flavor may not be as good as the name-brand version. These may include olive oil, cheese, coffee, and chocolate.

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