Home renovations can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but through proper planning and research you can find some ideas, that will not only make your house look great, but won’t break the bank.

Tips for money-saving remodeling

  1. Do your own demo: Consider doing your own work if you have the tools and don’t want to spend the money on labor. Just remember to stay safe and keep yourself protected.
  2. Have a budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on your projects. Research prices to get an idea of what they will cost.
  3. Develop a plan: Create a detailed plan for your project and stay within your limits.
  4. Get permits: Make sure to get any building permits before starting. If the remodel doesn’t meet codes, it could be become costly.
  5. Reuse materials: Give those cabinets, light fixtures, or even doors a new look instead of replacing them with newer versions.
  6. Do your own painting: Roll up your sleeves and try your hand at painting your own room or even cabinets. It will save you money and give your home a fresh look.
  7. Tile your backsplash: Update your kitchen by learning how to tile.
  8. Refinish your floors: Instead of replacing your hardwood floors, try refinishing.
  9. Find knockoffs: Look for materials that mimic the expensive versions. There are plenty of materials that you can save money on but still gives a high-priced look.
  10. Find deals: Showroom models and scratch-and-dent models are ways you can save money on appliances and other items. Be sure to check them out to make sure there are no functionality issues. You could even get discounts on open-box items.
  11. Look at auctions: Auctions may have scratch-and-dent, overstock supplies, and more that you could bid on, saving you big bucks.
  12. Do your own shopping: Instead of spending money on material-delivery fees, pick up the materials yourself. If you have your own pickup truck, that’s fantastic. If you don’t, consider investing in a trailer or renting a truck to assist.
  13. Consider long-term costs: If you’re looking to update your siding, you could save money now by purchasing pre-primed and pre-painted versions. You may pay a little more for the siding, but you’ll save on frequent paint jobs.

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