Celebrating Valentine's Day is about spending time with your loved ones, but did you know you don’t have to break the bank for date ideas. Just use your imagination … and you can save yourself some money at the same time.

  • Enjoy breakfast in bed. You can wake up earlier and spend time with your significant other with a nice breakfast together.
  • Do a DIY wine tasting. All you need is a variety of wines to do at your own home.
  • Rent a movie. Instead of just picking a movie on any streaming service, bust out the popcorn and spend a few dollars on renting a new release.
  • Get out some board games. If you have any board games, have a game night.
  • Go on a hike. Explore the outdoors together by taking a day trip for a hike. Find your nearest walking trails and start exploring.
  • Have a pizza night. Make your own pizzas together. You could even pair it with a movie for an extra special romantic night.
  • Picnic together. Pack a basket of all your favorites and a cozy blanket. Since it’s cold in February in New York state, picnic in your living or dining room.
  • Enjoy a fondue. Cheese or chocolate? Pick out your favorite foods to dip into a cheese or chocolate fondue and have some fun.
  • Go see a gallery exhibit. If you have any museums in your area, check out an exhibit or two.
  • Purchase a deal. Find a deal for dinner or a spa experience that you can both do together. Make sure it’s valid on Valentine’s Day.
  • Attend trivia night. If any restaurants or bars are having a trivia night, head on down to compete. Instead of a big dinner, trade it in for appetizers and small plates.
  • Have a candlelit dinner at home. Spend the time cooking together. You’ll spend less money than in a restaurant.
  • Go ice skating. Spend an evening going to your favorite ice-skating rink.
  • Bake something together. Buy a box of baking mix and create your own cake or cupcakes for you and your significant other. If you’re brave, try baking something from scratch.
  • Take a record store excursion. If you’re both music lovers, take a trip to find a vintage record store.
  • Dance together. Try out some new dance moves at home or take dance lessons.

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